How to get a fit body

Which pull-up bar?

Author: Valentin Rotfuß on Monday the 4th of August 2014

In former times most bodybuilders used to look like testosterone filled hulks but today we see an increased amount of fit boys and girls with highly defined bodies.

Thanks to YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Via YouTube online-trainers like Karls Ess & Co. provide specific instructions for workout routines and diets – two central components for a strong, defined and fit body.

How can I get a fit body?

A fit body gives you an attractive and self-confident appearance. It also prevents sufferings, such as back pain or a herniated intervertebral disc. There are so many different possibilities to strengthen your body. Doing bodyweight exercises in a gym or even at home can be super easy and still highly effective.

Which type of bodyweight exercises are the right ones for your workout plan really depends on the goals you have. But generally one can say that pull-up shouldn’t be missing in any body-weight workout, also in those for women.

Firstly, because pull-ups are perfect for strengthening your biceps, forearms, shoulders, neck and your back (esp. the latissimus, trapezius muscle and deltoid muscle). Secondly pull-ups are easy to do and still lead to a great outcome. There are some principles that must be taken in consideration.

  1. Pull-ups must always be performed calmly and carefully.

  2. Starting with “negative pull-ups” might help in the beginning.

  3. If you are able to do one pull-up, your goal should just be to increase the amount over a period of time. For instance you could intensify your workout every second or third day by doing as many pull-ups as you can a few times per day (e.g. in the mornings and then again in the evenings).

Pull-ups can be performed with a wide grip or a narrow grip. The classic pull-up is done using an overhand grip with a width of ca. 100cm. Performing pull-ups on a bent pull-up bar is extremely difficult. The tighter the grip, the easier the performance – no matter which bar you use.

The most pleasant pull-up is the one done with a parallel grip (using additional grips transverse to the actual bar) because such pull-ups are very natural for our bodies and the biceps is in focus.

Combining pull-ups with other exercises, like running and push-ups will already give an easy to do workout for your entire body.

With a good workout- and nutrition-guide you’ll be able to achieve a defined, well-looking upper body in only 15 weeks (watch FREELETICS video from Levent Oz.). Getting rid of back pain will be even easier. That is possible in only 3 weeks (read the blog post on Running, pull-ups, push-ups).