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Klimmzugstange: German word for the most versatile fitness equipment


Hey, I just thought it would be cool to provide you some basics about the most versatile fitness equipment that we use here in Germany.

And yes, it’s the Klimmzugstange. This is the German word for a pull up bar. Simply speaking, a pull up bar is a fitness device that is used for bodyweight exercises such as (assisted) pull ups, chin ups, muscle ups, burpee pull ups, hanging leg raise, front lever exercises or simple hanging on a pull up bar.

In Germany, pull up bars typically consist of a 120 cm long straight or curved bar mounted overhead. A typical Klimmzugstange has also parallel handles that allow a neutral shoulder width grip and the performance of various exercises (besides the normal pull up, see image further below).


Pull up bars are a popular choice for all who want to improve their upper body strength, shape and muscle tone. Pull up bars are often used in combination with other types of bodyweight exercises and fitness equipment, such as resistance bands, sling trainers, dip bars, and push ups or plank variations, to create a full-body workout.

All in all, a good Klimmzugstange is easy to use and can be installed in a home gym, an office or other workout space.

If you are looking for a Made in Germany pull up bar, then you came across the right website. The pull up bars produced by are not only easy to use, but also robust, simple and minimalistic. And yes, they have everything else you can expect from a German product!

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